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Usage Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: March 12, 2024

Welcome to Home Harmony Denver! These Terms of Service (“Terms”) outline the terms and conditions governing your use of our home staging services. By engaging with Home Harmony Denver, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms. Please read them carefully.

1) Services Overview:
1.1 Initial Consultation:
Our process begins with a thorough initial consultation, during which our experienced team assesses the unique features and characteristics of your property. We take the time to understand your goals, preferences, and target market to tailor our staging approach accordingly.

1.2 Personalized Staging Plan:
Based on the consultation, we develop a personalized staging plan that aligns with your property’s style and the expectations of your potential buyers. This plan encompasses furniture selection, layout optimization, color schemes, and decor enhancements to highlight the property’s key selling points.

1.3 Furniture Rental and Placement:
Harmony Home Staging offers an extensive inventory of high-quality furniture and decor items to complement diverse architectural styles. Our expert team strategically places each piece, maximizing space and emphasizing the property’s unique features to create a visually stunning and functional arrangement.

1.4 Aesthetic Enhancements:
In addition to furniture and decor, we provide recommendations for aesthetic enhancements that can elevate the overall visual impact of your property. This may include paint color suggestions, minor repairs, and landscaping advice to create a harmonious and well-maintained look.

1.5 Staging Installation and De-Staging:
Once the personalized plan is finalized, our skilled team handles the complete staging installation process. We meticulously place each item, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing presentation. After the successful sale of your property, we efficiently manage the de-staging process, leaving the space clean and ready for the new homeowners.

1.6 Photography Optimization:
Recognizing the importance of online presentation, we optimize the property for professional photography. Our staging aims to capture the attention of potential buyers in online listings, increasing the likelihood of property viewings and inquiries.

1.7 Flexible Staging Packages:
Harmony Home Staging offers flexible staging packages to cater to a variety of needs and budgets. Whether you require full-home staging, partial staging, or consultation services, we have a tailored solution to meet your specific requirements.

1.8 Post-Staging Support:
Our commitment doesn’t end with the installation. We provide post-staging support to address any questions or adjustments needed. Your satisfaction and the success of your property sale are our top priorities.

1.19 Staging for Various Properties:
Harmony Home Staging specializes in staging various types of properties, including residential homes, apartments, and condominiums. Our expertise extends to both vacant and occupied spaces, ensuring a customized approach that maximizes the potential of each property.

2) Client Responsibilities:
2.1 Accurate Information:
To ensure the success of the staging process, clients are required to provide accurate and comprehensive information about their property. This includes floor plans, room dimensions, and any specific details relevant to the staging project.

2.2 Access and Collaboration:
Clients are encouraged to collaborate actively with our staging team, providing access to the property for initial assessments, design consultations, and the staging installation. Effective communication is vital for a smooth and successful staging experience.

2.3 Care of Staged Items:
During the staging period, clients are responsible for the careful handling and maintenance of all staged items and furniture. Home Harmony Denver provides clear care instructions to ensure the longevity and pristine condition of the staged elements.

3) Staging Process:
3.1 Consultation:
Our initial consultation involves a comprehensive property assessment. We discuss the client’s goals, preferences, and any specific requirements. This consultation forms the foundation for creating a personalized staging plan.

3.2 Proposal and Agreement:
Following the consultation, clients receive a detailed proposal and agreement document. This includes a breakdown of services, itemized costs, and terms of the staging project. Clients are encouraged to review and ask questions before providing their approval.

3.3 Staging Installation:
Upon agreement, Home Harmony Denver coordinates the staging installation on the agreed-upon date. Our professional team meticulously places and arranges furniture and decor elements to optimize the property’s visual appeal.

4) Payments:
4.1 Payment Terms:
Clients are provided with transparent payment terms in the proposal and agreement. Typically, a deposit is required to secure the staging services, with the remaining balance due before the scheduled staging installation date.

4.2 Additional Charges:
Any additional services or changes requested by the client after the initial agreement may result in additional charges. These will be communicated clearly, and client approval will be sought before proceeding.

5) Cancellations and Rescheduling:
5.1 Client Cancellations:
Clients can cancel staging services, but cancellations made less than [insert number] days before the scheduled installation date may result in forfeiture of the deposit. This policy ensures proper planning and resource allocation.

5.2 Home Harmony Denver:
In unforeseen circumstances or logistical challenges, Home Harmony Denver reserves the right to reschedule the staging installation. We prioritize open communication and mutual agreement with the client to minimize disruptions.

6) Property Access and Security:
6.1 Access:
Clients are required to provide secure and timely access to the property for the staging team during the installation and de-staging processes. Access ensures the efficient execution of the staging plan.

6.2 Security:
Home Harmony Denver takes precautions to secure staged items during the staging period. Our team follows industry best practices to protect against theft, damage, or unauthorized access.

7) Liability:
7.1 Property Damage:
Home Harmony Denver is committed to professionalism, and while every effort is made to prevent damage, we cannot be held liable for any damage to the property during the staging process, except in cases of gross negligence.

7.2 Personal Items:
Clients are responsible for removing personal items and valuables from the property before the staging installation. This precaution ensures the security of personal belongings during the staging process.

8) Termination:
8.1 By Client:
Clients may terminate staging services at any time, subject to the cancellation terms outlined in Section 5. This provides flexibility for clients who may have changing circumstances.

8.2 By Home Harmony Denver:
Home Harmony Denver reserves the right to terminate services if the client fails to adhere to the agreed-upon terms. Termination may occur with or without cause, depending on the circumstances.

9) Confidentiality:
All information exchanged between the client and Home Harmony Denver, including property details and staging plans, is treated as confidential. We prioritize the privacy and security of client information.

10) Governing Law:
These Terms of Service are governed by the laws of [insert jurisdiction]. This ensures a clear legal framework for any disputes or legal matters that may arise.

11) Changes to Terms:
Home Harmony Denver retains the right to update these Terms of Service periodically. Clients will be promptly notified of any changes, and continued use of our services constitutes acceptance of the modified terms.

12) Contact Us:
If clients have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding these Terms of Service, they are encouraged to contact Home Harmony Denver through the provided contact information. Open communication is valued to address any inquiries promptly.

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