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About Us

At Home Harmony Denver, we’re more than just a home staging company – we’re your trusted partners in making your home look its best and achieving remarkable results in the real estate market. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to sell your property or a real estate agent seeking to make your listings shine, we’re here to bring harmony and success to your real estate journey.

Laura Jones



Home Harmony’s Proven Approach

AVG DOM, 2023*

Our staged properties outpace the Denver market, selling over 31 days faster than the average 46 DOM.


We are fully insured, providing peace of mind for every project.


We transform your space while multiplying your returns. Our staging crafts 5x return on investment.


Our consistent investment in inventory creates a distinct style that gives you a competitive edge.


We are seasoned professionals with proven results, commanding higher sales prices than the market average.

6,000 SQ FT

Our large warehouse ensures prompt access to inventory and enables flawless execution of your project.


Our experienced staff approaches each project with industry expertise and creativity to achieve beautiful results.


Present your home as market-ready, ensuring it stands out and makes a lasting impression.


What We Offer

Vacant Home Staging

  • Fully furnish empty spaces with tasteful additions
  • Showcase the full potential of your property
  • Customized staging to reflect the neighborhood
  • Our uniquely layered and memorable style sets you apart

Occupied Home Staging

  • Supplement your furnishings with our inventory
  • Make your home shine even when you’re living in it
  • Custom quotes for supplementary items
  • Flexibility and tailored solutions to suit your lifestyle

Pre-Listing Consultation

  • Up to 2-hour visit to assess your property
  • Brainstorm quick, profit-boosting fixes and cosmetic updates
  • Easy, affordable strategies to increase perceived value
  • Essential for making a remarkable first impression
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Our Staging Collection

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Welcome to the heart of Home Harmony Denver, your premier destination for expert home staging services! Our team is a dynamic group of professionals dedicated to transforming spaces and creating environments that captivate potential buyers. Together, we’re committed to elevating your home’s appeal and maximizing its potential in the real estate market. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with Home Harmony Denver!

With Home Harmony Denver, your property becomes a market-ready masterpiece.

Ready to maximize your property’s potential?


Our Customer Success Story

"Bringing in Laura and her team has leveled up my business! Not only is Laura and absolute professional, her nuanced understanding of what will bring in the largest buyer pool and her sophisticated style is invaluable!"

Gretchen Farrell

"Laura is incredibly talented. I’ve been selling real estate a very long time and I’ve used many different Stagers and so glad I finally found Laura. She’s quick and she knows how to make a house look just right."

Marilyn Dana, Coldwell Banker

“I can’t imagine working with anyone else but this team! They are incredible! Home Harmony always makes sure our clients are well taken care of and will do whatever they can to accommodate clients needs and schedules. They are very thorough and will make sure your home is absolutely perfect before going on the market! ”

Christine Schmalz


Answers to Your Questions

What is home staging, and why is it important when selling a home?

Home staging is the art of preparing a property for sale to appeal to a broad range of potential buyers. It’s important because it significantly increases the perceived value of your home, creates a memorable first impression, and sets your property apart in a competitive real estate market.

How does the home staging process work?

The home staging process involves evaluating the property’s strengths and areas that need improvement. We offer pre-listing consultations to identify quick fixes and cosmetic updates. For vacant properties, we fully furnish them, while for occupied properties, we supplement existing furnishings. The result is a welcoming, market-ready home.

What are the benefits of staging a property?

Staging increases your property’s perceived value, helps it stand out in the market, attracts more potential buyers, and often leads to a faster sale. It’s an investment that yields significant returns.

How much does home staging cost, and what is included in the pricing?

Our pricing is transparent and varies depending on the type of staging and the unique characteristics of the property. Pre-listing consultations start at $250, while vacant and occupied staging prices start at $2,399 and $1,495, respectively. Pricing includes a comprehensive staging plan and professional service.

Do I need to stage my home if it's already well-furnished?

Even well-furnished homes can benefit from staging. We provide customized solutions to maximize the property’s appeal. The goal is to make it look its best in listing photos and during showings.

Is home staging only for luxury homes, or can it benefit properties of all price ranges?

Home staging is beneficial for properties across all price ranges. We tailor our approach to match the price point, buyer demographic, and architecture of each home we stage.

How do I prepare my home for staging?

We’ll provide guidance during our in-person consultation, which will include recommendations for decluttering, minor repairs, and cosmetic updates. The goal is to enhance your property’s appeal.

Can you work with the furniture and decor I already have in my home?

Absolutely, we can work with your existing furnishings and decor, supplementing them with items from our inventory as needed.

Can you customize the staging to match the style and architecture of my home?

Yes, we believe in creating an aspirational lifestyle by tailoring our staging to your property’s unique characteristics, including style, architecture, and location.

What is a pre-listing consultation, and why should I consider it?

A pre-listing consultation involves a two-hour visit to your property to identify quick profit-boosting fixes and cosmetic updates. It’s essential for preparing your property to make a remarkable first impression and increase its perceived value.